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Rope ladders

Wickey's rope ladders

Calling all professional climbers: with Wickey's rope ladders, your children can perform the most amazing stunts and reach lofty heights! So that there's something for every climbing star, our rope ladders range from the simple knotted climbing rope and the simple rope ladder with rungs (which are classified in different degrees of difficulty, such as the "difficult" rope ladder with 10 rungs), to the double rope ladders and rope ladders with three sides (so your little rascal can climb at the same time as their friends), and even an entire climbing net, which your child can climb up and down like Spiderman.

Rope ladders are an ideal extension to climbing frames

Our Wickey rope ladders are made entirely of solid wood and other waterproof materials, guaranteeing long-lasting fun. Our rope ladders are geared towards every budget, every garden, every taste and every wish, so there's something for climbing monkeys of all ages and sizes. Wickey products are quick and easy to assemble as all the holes have already been pre-drilled, and the accompanying assembly instructions are easy to understand. Wickey excel not only with their high pressure impregnated solid timber, waterproof materials and visually attractive products, but also with the child-friendliness of their rope ladders and other Wickey products. Your child will quickly become a star climber, swinging from rope to rope.

Always upgradable

At Wickey, products can be combined easily and simply, and put together to form your own custom playtime paradise. Get a swing, sandpit or fun wave slide to go with your rope ladder, and none of your kid's friends will want to play at their own homes anymore!
The imagination knows no bounds when it comes to Wickey's rope ladders. Your child's motor skills are also tested and help them climb the hardwood rungs faster and more skilfully: if, for example, the crocodile attacks from below, snapping at their feet, it'll have no chance and will be biting thin air. Have we aroused your curiosity? Then browse our shop and take a look at all the great things we have. If you want to buy an affordable swing, you could also drop by FATMOOSE, as we have some great offers there too.