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Wooden swing sets

A playground swing in your own garden - this is how children's dearest dreams come true. You will give your child a great deal of joy with a Wickey wooden swing. Whether together with a sibling or friends, an outdoor swing brings huge pleasure for children of all ages and is a great way for them to have fun together in the garden. Discover the advantages of a children’s wooden swing!

Swing frames & swing sets

The best thing about a wooden swing set from Wickey is the option of customisation and extension. Thanks to different construction options, you will enjoy your Wickey garden swing set for kids for many years. A baby swing can easily be swapped for a swing seat for kidsfrom the age of three. When children become bigger and bolder, the garden swings can be extended with gymnastics equipment or you could even order a wooden swing and slide set. A sandpit would fit perfectly with a swing set for toddlers, to let children romp about in. The addition of a large nest swing or a cosy double swing provides lots of fun for older children as well.
A wooden swing not only looks beautiful and natural, but it also provides the necessary safety and quality thanks to the robust beams. With the help of the anchor, which you set in concrete into the garden soil, stability is always guaranteed, even for the highest swinging heights. The pressure-treated wood in our playground equipment requires no further treatment. The beams are safe and can withstand all weathers and any children's birthday. Thanks to the uncomplicated assembly instructions, the children’s swing set can be set up quickly, with or without a slide. To do this, choose a matching swing seat, which is easily attached with swing clamps. Let the fun on the swings begin!

Outdoor swing and slide sets

When choosing your swing set for babies and kids, the key factor is how much space you have outside in the garden. If there is a lot of space, you can be generous and simply set up a swing and slide set; Wickey swing frames such as these are an ideal choice as they delight kids with a double swing, wave slide and climbing ladder. Thanks to the sturdy 7x7 cm supporting posts and the 9x9 cm swing beam, safe fun on the outdoor swings is guaranteed. In our Wickey online shop, you will also find classic high-quality kids’ swing sets. The wooden swing and slide sets are available in different sizes and provide lots of fun and the necessary stability at the same time. Or else buy an exciting swing with an additional climbing net. Keep a regular eye on the Wickey shop to get swing sets for sale or even great offers on a climbing frame with slide and swing.

Build and expand your own Wickey garden swing

A Wickey swing or swing and slide set in the garden will be part of your child's life for years and can grow together with your little ones. You can build the swing yourself and then extend it according to your needs. The swing seats can be adjusted to meet age requirements, the number of children and the individual needs of a family. For infants, you can find adjustable baby swings in our swing accessories category. Because babies grow quickly, Wickey baby swings can be easily adjusted to suit the baby’s size. For children from 3 years of age, a children's swing seat can be attached. Wickey offers you a large selection of inexpensive and high-quality swing seats: will it be a classic swing seat, a nest swing, a tyre swing or perhaps an acrobatic disc swing? If more children want to swing, both a large nest swing and a gondola swing are available, which have space for two children to sit across from each other. Really active kids will be excited by a sporty extension. Therefore, one of the two swings can be easily replaced with a trapeze bar or wooden gymnastic rings. Be creative and design the children’s swing set yourself, according to your family’s individual wishes.
Did you know? In our Wickey online shop, you will always find the matching swing accessories, which guarantee safety, quality and fun. These include not only the versatile swing seats and gymnastics equipment, but also a wide selection of swing clamps, ground anchors and safety mats. A children’s garden swing can easily be extended with a sandpit, playhouse or even a climbing frame. Build an adventurous children's playground for your little ones and enjoy their beaming eyes and happy laughs. Be inspired by our unique outdoor swing sets online now.

Wickey - Swing sets as well as our further product range are rated by our customers with an average of 3.66 out of 5 stars.


  • How do I anchor a swing set?

    To anchor a swing set, you can use angle anchors or ground anchors. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and ensure the swing set is level and stable. Check the anchoring regularly and make adjustments as necessary to maintain safety.

  • What is a suitable floor protection to use under a swing set?

    A suitable floor protection for a swing set should provide a safe play surface. Some options might be rubber tiles, wood chips/mulch, artificial turf or sand. Choose a proper material that is maintained regularly to ensure a safe play environment.

  • How do I stop a swing from swaying?

    Please ensure that all manufacturer specifications regarding the weight, the max. number of people, etc. are adhered to. In some cases anchors might be necessary to stop the swing from swaying. Please also look into the manufacturer specifications for that information.

  • How do I set a swing set into concrete?

    Assemble the base frame and place it in its final position. Stake out the places around the posts where the base frame is to stand. Position the base frame so that all holes can be excavated easily. After that, you can pour the ready-mixed concrete into the holes. Ensure that you manufacture the swing set according to the instruction manual and the manufacturer specifications.


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