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Wickey stilt houses

Wouldn't you love it as a kid?!

As a child, wouldn't you have loved to have a private space where you could retreat and play to your heart's content? Our stilt houses offer your children a realm of their own where they can unleash their creativity, connect with friends, and make endless memories. With ample space for play and endless possibilities for personalisation kids can just be their adventurous selves and rule their playtime.

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Adventurous playground

With our stilt houses, children get a versatile play space that offers endless opportunities for imaginative play, exploration, and unforgettable adventures.

Hideout for friends

Whether it's hosting a playdate or spending time with siblings, stilt houses offer a safe and comfortable environment for kids to bond and create lasting memories with their friends.

Natural child's room

There's ample space for children to play, learn, and unwind in a place that feels uniquely their own. And there's even enough space for parents to drop by for a visit.

Room for creativity

Paint, decorate, furnish - add personality to your stilt house and make it a one-of-a-kind play space that reflects the individuality and creativity of your family.

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Tower playhouse Wickey Smart ClubHouse  830170_k
Regular Price £1,669.99 As low as £1,049.99
Tower playhouse Wickey Smart GreenHouse  828036_k
Regular Price £2,319.99 As low as £1,459.99
Tower playhouse Wickey Smart ArtHouse  828148_k
Regular Price £2,769.99 As low as £1,649.99
Tower playhouse Wickey Smart FamilyHouse  828120_k
Regular Price £2,439.99 As low as £1,479.99

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