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Swing hooks

Our climbing frames – both the Wickey climbing frame and the DIY climbing frame with swing – and our swing sets come with swing hooks and/or swing clamps as standard. But perhaps you've created a custom climbing frame and would like to add on a swing at a later date. For these cases, we stock swing hooks and swing clamps in the swing accessories
section of our online shop. Additionally, some unique models of swing seats require special mounts – and we're well prepared for this, too.

Threaded swing hooks

The threaded swing hooks are suitable for wooden beams – both square and round. The thread is drilled either all the way through the swing beam or alternatively sunk into the beam. Accordingly, there are threaded swing hooks with or without nuts. The Safety swing hook, a galvanised steel hook (threaded) with a bracket, promises extra comfort. Nearly all threaded swing hooks come with a carabiner hook onto which the swing rope or chain is hung.

Swing clamp

In contrast to the threaded swing hook, the swing clamp goes around the wooden swing beam. We stock both types of swing clamp: swing clamps for square wooden beams and swing camps for round wooden beams. Pay attention to the different diameters of the swing clamps for round wooden beams. Once again, carabiner hooks are also included in the contents.

Unique model swing hook

You are sure to have seen the unique models in our range of swing sets and swing seats, such as the mega swing and the hammock swing. You will find the right suspension brackets for these special swing seats in our shop.
Amongst other things, we stock hooks for hammocks so that they can be attached to the wall. A smart solution is the Powerhook swing hook with ball bearing. The ball bearing allows the swing (for example, the hammock seat) to rotate in all directions. This swing hook is attached to the ceiling. There are also special swing hooks for the double swings and nest swings. The 'Marathon' model is our swing hook 'luxury model'. It is primarily intended for the mega swing seat, but can also be used for all other swings. Thanks to a special technology it is silent and the swing doesn't need to be constantly pushed. The perfect conditions for relaxing in peace on the swing!
As well as quality swing hooks, ground anchoring is also of high importance. Take a look in the Safety Tiles & Anchors category of our shop to find the right fixings for your swing set, climbing frame or Wickey play tower. Playground equipment for public use must conform with DIN standard EN 1176. Our range of play equipment also includes a zip line and spring rockers for public playgrounds. The accessories for climbing frames, swing frames and Wendy houses, however, are aimed at all families who want to build their own, creative playground. Our furniture for children is also intended for private use. A children's bed from our online shop is bound to delight your little ones, or take a look at our FATMOOSE shop! Here we go!

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