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Custom-design your playground equipment

Are you looking for unique playground equipment tailored specifically to your child's preferences and abilities? With Wickey's climbing frame accessories, you can design any garden play equipment according to your personal ideas. Whether it's colourful climbing frame accessories or safe rubber tiles - at Wickey, you'll find everything you need for your climbing frame, playhouse or swing frame. Our large selection of playground accessories provides plenty of scope for creativity and individuality. Small details are often all it takes to create a brand-new world of play and adventure for your little ones. Bring your ideas to life with our affordable Wickey accessories!

Practical accessories for climbing frames and playhouses

In addition to colourful and detailed climbing frame accessories, you will also find practical accessories for your playhouse, your swing or other playground equipment in our online shop. Climbing frame handles, rubber tiles, and anchors ensure safety during play and anti-weed liner fabric will keep your sandpit free from weeds. Our large selection of accessories for climbing frames leaves no wish unfulfilled!

Climbing frame extensions and add-ons

There are plenty of options for expanding or redesigning your climbing frame. A climbing wall or climbing net, for example, make wonderful additions to your climbing frame. Combined with colourful climbing holds, passionate climbers will have all their little hearts desire. With Wickey, swing-pros are not left wanting either! There is a huge selection of classic swing seats, baby swing seats nest swings and many other swings waiting for you in our online shop. Be it accessories for swings, a climbing frame bell or a climbing frame steering wheel – if you want to buy climbing frame accessories at an affordable price, you're in the right place at Wickey! Discover the large selection of Wickey climbing frame accessories and an almost infinite world of additions.

Wickey - Accessories as well as our further product range are rated by our customers with an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars.


  • Do I need additional accessories for a climbing frame?

    There are many different accessories for climbing frames, depending on the type of playground equipment and the specific needs and interests of your child(ren). Accessories can include: climbing ropes, climbing walls, trapezes, gymnastics rings, rope ladders, various swing seats, etc.

  • Are accessories available for garden playgrounds?

    Yes, there are quite a few accessories for climbing frames that can be set up in your garden. Many of these accessories are specially designed for outdoor use and are made of robust materials that are weather-resistant.

  • What accessories do I need for my climbing frame?

    The accessories you need for your climbing frame depend on the type of playground equipment you have as well as the age and the interests of your children. In general, some basic accessories such as swings and slides are suitable for almost any playground equipment. If your children like climbing, a climbing wall or a climbing rope might be a nice alternative. It is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations when choosing accessories to ensure they are compatible with your playground equipment and safe to use.


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