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Outdoor workouts with a wooden weight bench

If you want to intensify your outdoor training, a weight bench is an easy way to add versatility to your workouts. You can simply use the weight bench to add exercises that you perform with or without weights and thus increase your training success. If you want to buy a weight bench, it is an investment in your health and fitness. A good weight bench can last for many years and help you achieve your goals. If you exercise regularly, you will quickly feel the positive effects on your physical and mental health.

From beginner to fitness enthusiast, there are different models to suit personal needs such as an adjustable weight bench, multifunctional weight bench, a weight bench set or a weight bench with leg curler. A weight bench made of wood is, however, particularly robust and durable. It is not only ideal for outdoor use, but also offers a nature-friendly alternative to conventional weight benches. Wood is a natural raw material, meaning that it fits perfectly into your garden in the form of fitness equipment.

Wickey FIT Weight bench set

The weight bench from our FIT range can easily be combined with any of the FIT exercise equipment or ordered straight away as a weight bench set. In this way, you can create your own personal workout area in your own garden. With a little skill, you can build the weight bench yourself and start your workout right after delivery. Thanks to the minimalist design, this weight bench is easily adjustable, meaning that you can always find the best location in the garden.

When choosing outdoor exercise equipment, it is important to pay attention to quality and functionality. Our products are not only robust and durable, but can be used by the whole family. Based on years of experience, all our products are designed so that they can be used carefree and safely by both young and old.

Weight bench with weights for maximum training

A weight bench with weights is an extremely effective training tool with versatile applications. From bench presses to crunches and bicep curls - the exercise options are enormous. The use of weights makes it possible to specifically increase muscle strength and challenge the entire body. Whether you're aiming for muscle building, weight loss or body toning, in combination with regular training, the weight bench with weights provides an optimal solution for an effective and efficient workout experience.

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