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Wickey kids' beds
Where dreams come true

Our selection of beds goes beyond just providing a comfortable place to sleep. They are designed to spark children's imagination and foster their creativity through play. With a range of playful themes and interactive features, our beds become a world of endless adventure and provide a safe and fun environment to dream, play and grow.

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Dream - Endless possibilities

Pirate ship, fairy house or fire station – thanks to our different themes and designs, every child will find the bed they have always dreamed of.

Explore - More than just a bed

Our kid's beds offer more than just a place to sleep. They're a world of endless adventures waiting to be explored, making both playtime and bedtime something to look forward to.

Create - Imaginative play

Transform your child's room into a place of imagination and endless adventure, where their fantasy worlds come to life.

Grow - Playful child development

From climbing to the top to building cosy forts, with our beds, kids can explore and learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

Wickey's Choice

Discover our families' ultimate favourite:

View the CrAzY Jelly

Discover our wide range of beds
- make your kids' dreams come true

Loft bed Wickey CrAzY Jelly  630784_k
As low as £379.99
Loft bed with slide Wickey CrAzY Smoky  630760_k
As low as £419.99
Bunk bed with slide Wickey CrAzY Circus  630692_k
As low as £579.99
Loft bed with slide Wickey CrAzY Hutty  630561_k
As low as £419.99
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