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Wickey horizontal bar

Wickey has something great for all those agile climbing monkeys: horizontal bars, so your children and their friends can perform hilarious feats! Wickey is excited to see how your children hang from their legs, perform somersaults and much more.

Horizontal bars in various designs

We offer all horizontal bars to meet your children's needs. Choose between different lengths, such as our 90 cm horizontal bar made from metal or our horizontal bar stainless steel tumble bar – with plenty of room for your children and their friends and siblings to do gymnastics together and to test who can do a somersault the fastest. At Wickey we supply high bars with posts. However, if you don't need them or already have some, there are also tumble bars without posts. If you like it colourful, then the 108cm high bar incl. posts is perfect for your little ones, as the bar is bright red and brightens up your garden.

Door bar as a horizontal bar

If your kids love doing gymnastics but you don't have a garden or for other reasons prefer indoor sports, then we also have the solution for you with our Door bar 78 to 83 cm. Depending on the door width, the ends can easily be installed using M14 threads – and if your kids aren't currently performing any feats, it's just as quick to take down again.

Advantages of a horizontal bar

The other practical thing about horizontal bars is that they grow with your children. Parents or grandparents simply need to place them slightly higher up and there you have it: a playground that grows as your children do. And to ensure your children enjoy long-lasting fun with their horizontal bar, all Wickey products – including stainless steel bars – are weather resistant and go years without rusting. Add the decorative wooden posts to your order, which also withstand wind and rain as they are pressure treated and – like our horizontal bars – have been tested and certified.
Wickey always provides useful tips to ensure a quick and easy assembly so that your children will be able to perform gymnastic feats in no time at all. For your children's safety, you could also add a reasonably priced and practical playground mat to your order to place beneath the horizontal bar. We offer lots more playground equipment in our shop that might also interest you. Whether it's the wooden swing frame or our great extension options in the climbing frame accessories category, there's something here for everyone. We also offer additional safety options, such as our H post anchor, to give your playground equipment greater stability. Wickey hopes you have fun choosing and purchasing! Also, have a look at Fatmoose!

Wickey - Gymnastic bars as well as our further product range are rated by our customers with an average of 3.66 out of 5 stars.


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