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Our new sports series for your garden

Keeping fit and healthy is important for all of us, but finding the time and motivation to exercise can be a challenge. That's why we're introducing Wickey FIT, our new series of sports equipment that enables you to work out in the comfort of your own home while surrounded by nature. The FIT training equipment is available in different setups to fit individual needs and experience levels, so anyone can start training today.

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Fit daily routine

Our weather-resistant equipment allows you to train whenever it fits your daily routine. No additional drive to the gym, no membership fees.


days a year

Kick-start your four-season training. There are no limits, as our weatherproof natural equipment allows for year-round outdoor use.

Full body workout

Whether you prefer bodyweight exercises or additionally want to incorporate your own weights and fitness gear. Our versatile equipment is designed to challenge your whole body.



With a vast array of exercises that can be personalised to suit your specific training goals, the possibilities are endless.

For the whole family

Easy to start - hard to master. Our equipment makes it simple for beginners to take the first step towards fitness while at the same time challenging advanced users.


age range

Our equipment caters to the needs of a broad age range - whether teens are looking to boost their fitness levels or seasoned adults seeking to maintain their health and vitality.

Build your own outdoor gym

Outdoor fitness equipment Wickey FIT Base 505  831238
£459.99 £399.99
Outdoor fitness equipment Wickey FIT Base 625  831244
£699.99 £639.99
Outdoor fitness equipment Wickey FIT Base 520  831241
£599.99 £529.99
Wickey FIT Tumble 308 climbing ladder with single horizontal bar  833460_k
As low as £379.99

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