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Wickey Photo Competition


Summer's here and the sun is shining - the perfect time to take a few photos in the garden! Send us your photos of your Wickey playground equipment by 10.07.2022 and, with a bit of luck, be one of three happy winners who will receive £100 in prize money! No limits are placed on your creativity! The best pictures will be later shared with the whole Wickey family in our inspiration section and on our social media channels. This gives you the chance to show YOUR little paradise to others and collect £100 in prize money too!

1. Take one or more photos of your playground equipment and show it off to its best advantage.
2. Send the photos as JPEG or PNG files to [email protected].
3. Then fill out our online form. You can find it here.

By participating in our competition, you confirm that you agree to our conditions of participation. Please also refer to the notes on the processing of personal data.