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Loft bed Wickey CrAzY Hutty

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Kids loft bed with angled cottage Wickey CrAzY Hutty

CrAzY Hutty, that’s the name of the secret …. In the large fairytale forest that the little witches and wizards can only reach by flying car and following the signs. Once they arrive, they buy delicious potions over the counter and climb up the ladder to the magic bed. Here, the witch unpacks her book and tries the most exciting spells.

After an eventful day, the little magicians put their spellbook in the multi-loop hang bag and fall asleep under the charming wooden roof.
Sweet dreams, Wickey!

Product details

  • CrAzY series
  • Nordic pine/spruce
  • Natural and untreated wood
  • Solid boards 18x120 mm
  • Main support beams 58x58 mm
  • Mattress area 200x90x12 cm
  • Quality and safety tested
  • Can be assembled mirror-inverted
  • Fantasy tarpaulin to paint on, washable
  • You can cut the Multi-Loop hanging bag and CrAzY seats to size yourself as desired
  • You can cut the Fantasy tarp and sticker film to size yourself depending on the design
  • DIY skills are a benefit due to crooked design

Content of delivery

  • Timber package with posts and pre-drilled boards
  • Solid 18 mm slatted bed base
  • CrAzY shop
  • CrAzY roof
  • CrAzY signpost
  • Telescope
  • 2 Plastic handles
  • Toy telephone
  • Steering wheel
  • Sloping climbing ladder
  • Sticker foil
  • All screws included
  • Detailed assembly instructions
  • Duvet, pillows, mattress and box not included

Learn here, what makes Wickey so special.

Creativity is very important to us. That is why we do not deliver the tarpaulin pre-cut, allowing you and your children to give your fantasy free reign. Have our images inspired you? You can find the cutting patterns in the assembly instructions for your bett.

Not recommended for children under 6 years of age
For domestic use only
The indicated measurements and colours may vary slightly
The colour of the accessories may differ from the images

* The specified guarantee applies to all wooden parts. Additional information regarding the scope of the guarantee and its assertion can be found in our guarantee declaration.


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