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Treehouse Wickey Prime Neverland without slide

Playhouse with secret passage and platform height 210 cm

Article number:
  • Dimensions: L611 x W437 cm
  • Platform height: 210 cm
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Treehouse Wickey “NEVERLAND”

In NEVERLAND… new dreams are realized day after day. Hoist your sail from NEVERLAND and lift up with the flying ship in the direction of unknown worlds and beyond.  Who never dreamed of being able to fly? NEVERLAND makes it possible. NEVERLAND could also stand in the middle of the jungle and be the Tarzans shelter. Or perhaps Neverland can be a chocolate factory? With Wickey’s NEVERLAND let your children discover new worlds, experience stories, and realize dreams together with friends, monkeys, lions, flying pirates, fishes and mermaids. 
Wickey – Create your own adventure!

This climbing frame is part of our exclusive Prime collection. What makes it so special? In addition to a wide range of accessories, an above-average number of handles or durable screw caps, our designers have focused on exceptionally strong wooden elements during development. This makes climbing frames of the Prime series even more solid and safe.
Prime - adventure made perfect.

Product details

  • Wickey Prime Series
  • Pressure-treated solid wood
  • Quality and safety tested
  • Multiple configurations possible
  • 10 year guarantee* on all wooden components
  • Platform height 210 cm
  • Post thickness 9x9 cm
  • Swing beam 9x9 cm

And it includes all of this

  • Fireman´s pole
  • 2 Swing seats including adjustable ropes
  • Rope ladder with wooden rungs
  • 5 Swing hooks with plastic bearings
  • Wooden swing connector
  • Climbing extension
  • Playhouse
  • Picnic table
  • 6 Plastic handles
  • Large ship´s wheel
  • Telescope
  • Periscope
  • Door bell
  • Xtra-Lift
  • Mailbox
  • Wickey flag
  • Stairs
  • Wooden roof
  • Ship front
  • Sign
  • Door
  • Flag system
  • Tree bark
  • All required anchors
  • All required screws
  • 2-piece safety caps to cover screws
  • Comprehensive assembly instructions for easy construction

Learn here, what makes Wickey so special.

Neverland has lots of secrets. You can hide in secret places in the tree.
If you ring the door bell, dwarfs will open the door from the mysterious entrance to the tree. In the tree stands a small table with 2 benches on which there is a secret ladder that leads to the hideout on the first floor of the tree. The secret hatch is hidden under the table of the tree house on the top floor. There are plenty of escape routes. So you can glide down the magic slide bar or slide through the tunnel time machine into a new era. The tree is clothed with real tree bark for a real "Phantasy" look.

Decorate the tree with a few branches, twigs and leaves and the whole still gets an extra dimension.

In the tree house nothing is like usual… Everything is crooked and weird. This crooked house was made out of trees and branches, and built through the forest dwarfs 450 years ago. Above the door a funny canopy is attached with a name tag above it, on which you can stick the included adventure stickers according to your imagination. Under the tree is enough space for a sandpit (not included) such as the Wickey King Kong 120x195 cm which fits under the front podium. Of course, a suitable cover is available for this sandbox.

Note: The barrel pictured is not included in the delivery content.

This is one of the top models from Wickey with many innovative ideas such as nearly real tree bark and a platform height over 210 cm with a playhouse up at a dizzy height.

Of course, Wickey has also this time again, been thinking about the maximum security. The access ladder and the hatch in the tree can be either attached or removed depending on the age of the little ones.
The highest platform is divided into 2 levels. There are no direct exits from the above podium (210 cm) those are only at the lower level (170 cm) so we can maximize the security and minimize the danger of falling. The platform height of 170 cm has been equipped with a double handrail for a safe ascent which was especially developed by our engineers. There are plenty of hand grips for safe ascent and descent.

All the anchors are included in this article.
9 H-anchors 7x7 cm (Tree)
2 H-anchors 9x9 cm (Podium)
8 Ground anchors

Wood is a natural product that changes its volume through drying or moisture absorption. Wickey wants to make the installation as easy as possible for you. For this reason, it is advisable to drill some of the wooden elements yourself to ensure an accuracy of fit as well as stability.

Not recommended for children under 3 years of age
For domestic use only under direct adult supervision
The indicated measurements and colours may vary slightly

* The advertised guarantee is valid for all wooden parts if you purchase our anchors at the same time. In any other case, the statutory guarantee will apply. Further information regarding the scope of the guarantee and its enforcement can be found in our guarantee declaration.


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Tips & Tricks


  • Install the play tower and place it on the space designated. Please keep a safe distance in accordance with the installation instructions.
  • Mark all post of the tower on the ground and dig frost-proof holes (Ø30 x T70 cm) into the soil.
  • Place the play tower and install all the anchors, if possible on the hidden side.
  • Support the anchor with stones or the play equipment with wooden wedges until the play tower is horizontal.
  • Pour concrete up to about 10 cm below the surface. When the concrete is dry, the remaining hole can be filled with topsoil.
Ground anchor Wickey QuickLock

Ground anchor Wickey QuickLock

  • Simple and fast mounting
  • Attractive design: To install on the inside so the anchors are not visible from the outside
  • Stable: Stabilizes the post in on direction
  • Mounting is possible without concrete. We do recommend the mounting into concrete.
  • Not suitable for the complete Flyer series
Ground anchor Wickey SimpleLock

Ground anchor Wickey SimpleLock

  • Simple and fast mounting
  • Attractive design: To install on the inside so the anchors are not visible from the outside
  • Very stable: Stabilizes the post in every direction
  • To fix into concrete
  • Suitable for any play frame
Angle anchor Wickey SolidLock

Angle anchor Wickey SolidLock

  • Simple and fast mounting
  • Attractive design: To install on the inside so the anchors are not visible from the outside
  • Very stable: Stabilizes the post in every direction
  • To fix into concrete
  • Suitable for any play frame
Ground anchor Wickey MasterLock 9x9 cm

Ground anchor Wickey MasterLock 9x9 cm

  • Complex assembly: Planks from the sandpit should be sanded
  • Most stable solution: Stabilises the post in all directions
  • To fix into concrete
  • Not suitable for inclined ladders, stairs and WickeyFlyer series

Get the best tips on our wooden products here

Like every natural product, wood also has individual characteristics. Here you can find out more about the wood characteristics of our products.

Salt efflorescence

Salt efflorescence

  • Superficial white to brownish spots
  • Mixture of existing resin and ingredients of boiler pressure impregnation
  • Fades over time due to the weather

Tip: Strongly affected areas can be easily sanded!

Cracks and branches

Cracks and branches

  • Branches, grains and markers belong to the characteristics of the wood
  • Dry cracking is permitted according to DIN 4074

Tip: Cracks with ¼ of the length and ¼ of the width are statistically harmless!

Swelling and shrinking

Swelling and shrinking

  • Volume change due to moisture absorption/drying is typical of the wood
  • To ensure accurate assembly, not all wooden parts are pre-drilled due to wood movement

Tip: Unpack your wood directly and let it dry for at least 2 days!

Frequently asked questions

Can the playground equipment be set up differently than described in the instructions?

While the hull of the climbing frame should always be built according to the assembly instructions, it is possible to interchange the position of the slide and ladder on all climbing frames, as long as they are installed at the same platform height and the necessary safe distances are maintained as indicated in the assembly instructions. For many climbing frames, accessories can also be mounted in mirror image. If you are not sure whether this applies to your playground equipment, our customer service team will be happy to help you. In addition, any modifications may compromise your warranty as well as the safety of your children.

Are there additional items that I should/need to order?

Anchors that can be concreted into the ground are a must. These are essential for ensuring that the climbing frame or swing is as stable as possible and that the 10-year guarantee on the wood can take full effect. The advertised guarantee is valid for all wooden parts if you purchase our anchors at the same time. In any other case, the two-year statutory warranty applies. Further information regarding the scope of the warranty and its enforcement can be found in our guarantee declaration.

Does every accessory fit every climbing frame?

Steering wheels, binoculars, etc. can be mounted onto every climbing frame, precisely where you think they work best. Slides must, of course, fit the platform of your climbing frame.

How many kilograms (maximum) can a climbing frame bear?

With the following guidelines, you can get a general idea: our swings/crossbeams can be loaded with a maximum of 100 kg, and our standard swing seats for children can bear 50 kg. The maximum load for the individual platforms is 100 kg.

How does delivery from Wickey take place?

We deliver our playground equipment to you via courier. Small accessories and items will reach you via parcel service.

Can the courier help transport the playground equipment onto my property?

Delivery is to your curb - and then it's your turn.


Your question is not listed? Here you can view the complete FAQs

Additionally you will need
  • Safety Tiles 28 Pieces

Note: We offer a 10-year warranty* on our wood if you purchase our anchors at the same time.