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Why must I provide a telephone number?
Due to their size, our climbing frames are not delivered by a conventional parcel service, but by forwarding trucks with a lifting platform. In order to find the perfect delivery date, the forwarding agency will contact you by phone. This way we make sure that you are a) at home and b) your order is delivered on time.
Can I also order by telephone?
You can only place orders online via our online shop.
Can billing address and delivery address be different?
Different billing and delivery addresses are, of course, no problem: with just one click you can add a different delivery address when completing your order.
Why are there price differences between the various countries/shops?
You may wonder why there are price differences between our shops in different countries. This has to do with country-specific circumstances, such as the calculation of shipping costs. We are doing our very best to limit these differences to the utmost, but we cannot completely prevent them. The prices listed in the shop apply to each country. In some of our shops we offer the service to deliver to another country. You can find this information in our shops under Order & Delivery.
Do I receive an order confirmation?
Once you have finished shopping, we don't want you to have to wait for us. We will immediately send an order confirmation to your e-mail address, containing all the important information regarding the rest of the process. Please check your spam folder. In the unlikely event that you do not receive an order confirmation, just get in touch with our customer services team on +44 (0)330 808 0240. They will be delighted to help you out!
Can I also complete orders with my smartphone?
Absolutely: you can easily browse our shop with your smartphone and, of course, place orders.
For how long am I able to cancel my order?
If the item has not yet left our warehouse or you have not yet paid, cancellation is easily possible. This means: As long as you have not yet received a shipping confirmation, you can cancel your order without any problems. Don't worry, if you have already paid, you will always get your money back.
When can I change my order?
If your desired item is still in your shopping basket and your order has not yet been completed, you can easily change your order details. Unfortunately, once your order has been completed, no further alterations are possible. If you have any questions or require assistance, please get in touch with our customer services team using our contact form with the subject 'Status/shipping of order - Other questions'.
Is there a withdrawal form?
Within the first 14 days you have the right to cancel the contract without giving reasons. Further information and the form can be found here: Cancellation policy
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Which payment methods does Wickey offer?
To make paying for your order as easy as possible, we offer you a selection of the most common payment methods in our shop: PayPal Credit card Pre-payment by bank transfer ApplePay Attention! The invoice amount for your order is converted into euros. If paying by credit card or Paypal, the daily exchange rate is used for the conversion. Fixed exchange rate (0,85 £/€), deviation from current exchange rate may occur. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.Further information regarding our payment methods can be found here: Payment methods
When will my credit card be charged?
Your credit card will be charged as soon as the order has been placed. Please always note the billing types that your credit card is subject to.
Can the payment method be changed at short notice?
Please make sure that you choose the correct payment method before ordering. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the payment method at short notice.
What are Wickey's bank details?
Our bank details are the following: Payee: Wickey GmbH & Co. KGBank: KSK HeinsbergIBAN: DE 38 3125 1220 1400 0913 91BIC/SWIFT: WELADED1ERKPlease make sure that you enter your order number as the reason for payment, so that we can match your payment to your order. As soon as we have received and booked your payment, you will receive an e-mail from us confirming receipt of payment. Payment due in Pound.
Is my data secure during the payment process?
True to the motto 'safety first', your safety is very important to us and our payment partners. To ensure smooth payment processing, we work exclusively with established payment experts who adhere to the highest security standards and use advanced fraud prevention systems.
When and how do I receive my invoice?
The invoice for your order will be sent to you by email after your payment has been registered in our system.
Can I receive the invoice in the name of my company?
We are happy to provide an invoice in your company name. When you check out, simply remove the cross in the 'My billing and shipping address are the same' box and complete the two 'Company' and 'VAT ID' boxes.
Is VAT shown on the invoice?
VAT will not be stated as a separate invoice item. The invoice does, however, state that the total amount includes VAT.
Does Wickey offer vouchers?
Unfortunately, we do not currently offer any gift vouchers - but who knows... maybe that will change in future! Keep checking our website and social media channels for exclusive and exciting offers.
Does Wickey offer special discounts/voucher codes?
With Wickey it's worth keeping your eyes open and visiting our website regularly: in our shop and on our social media channels we regularly feature great offers, which will surprise you time and time again. Unfortunately, Wickey does not currently offer voucher codes.
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Shipping and Delivery
How does delivery from Wickey take place?
We deliver our playground equipment to you via courier. Small accessories and items will reach you via parcel service.
Which couriers and parcel services does Wickey use to delivery playground equipment and accessories?
Since we supply almost all of Europe with our country-specific Wickey shops, we cooperate with a large number of forwarding agents. In the case of small deliveries, we collaborate with various parcel services.
How is Wickey playground equipment delivered, and how is it packaged?
Safety first - this is our packaging motto! You will receive your goods safely, robustly and solidly packaged, and parcels or palettes will have a protective film. Larger items, such as climbing frames or swings, will be delivered to your curb just as safely.
What should I consider and examine when I receive my order?
Sometimes delivery damage occurs in spite of our reliable partners. Please have any damage visible at first glance noted on the supplier's consignment note. Kindly accept the goods anyway and check that they are complete and undamaged. If anything is not to your satisfaction, please get in touch with our customer service team using our contact form with the subject 'Service (guarantee/warranty) - Guarantee/warranty'. We will take care of a replacement as soon as possible.
Will Wickey items be delivered together, in the case of orders containing multiple items?
The basic rule is: one order, one delivery! Unless you have shopped with such diligence that we can't fit all of your items in one parcel. Depending on the situation and demand, our kids' beds and climbing frames of our Tiny series will also be shipped in several parcels.
Can the courier help transport the playground equipment onto my property?
Unfortunately, this is not possible due to organisational reasons. Delivery is to your kerb - and then it's your turn.
Is it possible to change the delivery time with the courier at short notice?
If you need to postpone your expected delivery appointment at short notice, just call +44 (0)330 808 0240. However, this may result in additional storage and delivery costs for the forwarding agent, which may be charged to you depending on the situation. Please call our customer service team for further details.
What hapens if I'm not at home when the delivery arrives?
We kindly request that you avoid this situation as far as possible in order to minimise effort and possible additional costs for all parties involved. If you are absolutely unable to keep your appointment, we will step in: In this case, the shipping company will contact us and we will then contact you to arrange a new delivery date. In addition, we will be happy to pay the delivery costs incurred for freight forwarding deliveries and orders with a value of £50 or more for the first delivery. If a second delivery is necessary, we will check with the forwarding agent to see whether additional costs will be incurred, which we will have to charge to you under reserve.
Can I pick-up my order on-site?
Even though we would love to meet all of our customers personally, pick-ups from our site are unfortunately not possible due to organisational reasons.
Can I have my order delivered to a packing station?
Unfortunately this is not possible. But you are welcome to choose a different delivery address, where someone you trust can kindly accept the delivery on your behalf.
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Can I choose a forwarding agency of my choice to return a Wickey play equipment?
For logistical reasons, we are unfortunately unable to offer a choice of haulage companies. We are also unable to pass on the haulage company's information, as they often work with subcontractors.
How do I send back an item?
If the goods to be returned are forwarding goods, we will coordinate a pick-up date for the forwarding agent with you and assume the entire costs of the return. If the parcels are smaller, however, we kindly ask you to return them to a parcel service provider of your choice yourself. Tip: Always choose the same parcel service provider who was also responsible for the delivery of your goods. This is usually the cheapest option.
Will I receive confirmation that my returned item has arrived?
Once we have received your returned item, you will of course receive an email from us confirming receipt of your item.
How do I get my money back?
Reimbursement depends upon the payment method. If you paid cash in advance, please send us your bank account details so that we can issue a refund. If you ordered via PayPal, credit card or Amazon, your payment details are already stored and we do not need any further information to issue a refund. Please note that refunds may take up to 14 days.
How long is the complaint period?
There is no established complaint period. There is a 10-year guarantee on all our wooden parts and a 2-year guarantee on accessories. Statutory provisions remain unaffected. Further information can also be found in our cancellation policy.
What should I do if an item is damaged or missing?
Although our partners are very reliable, delivery errors can occasionally occur. Please have any damage visible at first glance noted on the supplier's consignment note. In this case, we kindly request that you still accept your order and check that it is complete and intact based on the assembly instructions, and that you document any damage with photographs. You should then get in touch with us using our contact form and send us a complete list of the affected items, including photographs. Providing a complete list of the affected items helps us to avoid long waiting times. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to offer a suitable solution.
Can I refuse to accept delivery of Wickey playground equipment in the case of significant damage?
Sometimes delivery damage occurs in spite of our reliable partners. Please have any damage visible at first glance noted on the supplier's consignment note. Kindly accept the goods anyway and check that they are complete and undamaged. Following delivery, contact our customer service team using our contact form. We will take care of a replacement as soon as possible.
How can I exchange an item?
The return form is also used to exchange an item. Enter your e-mail address and order number and follow the instructions on the following pages. Our customer service will contact you as soon as possible to discuss how to proceed.
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Construction and Safety
Where can I find the construction manual for assembling Wickey playground equipment?
Your assembly instructions will be sent along with your order in the enclosed screw bag. In the unlikely event that you do not receive your instructions, please use our contact form to get in touch with our customer services team. We will send them to you as quickly as possible.
How long does it usually take to build a piece of playground equipment?
Experience shows that with a second pair of hands and our detailed instructions, assembly is quick and easy: roughly speaking, and depending on your DIY skills and the preparation of all the necessary tools, you will need around 6-8 hours to assemble our smallest climbing frames, without setting them in concrete. For our largest climbing frame, we recommend finding two helpers. Then it should be ready in 10-12 hours. And once your friends are there, they can also stay to celebrate the grand opening.
Do I need any other materials to assemble it?
The boards and posts have been sawn ready for use, and simply need to be sanded at the edges to avoid splintering. All the necessary screws, including covering caps, are included in your delivery. For assembly, you will require the following tools: Screwdriver Spirit level Rubber Mallet Try square Wrench set Tips: Ensure that you use the correct bit size when fastening the screws provided to avoid premature rust and damage.Pre-drill the holes before inserting the screws. This minimises the risk of damage to the alloy of the screws.
When should I contact an assembly service?
Ensure that the there are no parts missing from the delivery and that items are undamaged before you contact the assembly service. That saves effort, time and costs, and your helpers can get to work without any hassle.
How do I attach the water connection to my slide?
If you have ordered a climbing frame featuring a wave slide with a water connection, you will need a drill with a diameter of 4mm and a minimum length of 5cm for assembly. You'll also need fine-grain sandpaper to sand off any burrs created on the surface of the slide. A 1/2-inch hose and hose clip are also required for the connection.Note: Please be aware that only our 175 cm, 220 cm and 300 cm wave slides have a water connection. On the reverse of the slide, there is a fixture that marks the position of the water connection. Guide the drill bit through the small pipe from beneath and start to drill the hole. The burrs created can be removed by positioning the point of the drill head. Any remaining sharp edges can be carefully ground down using fine sandpaper.Tip: when sanding, do not exert too much pressure, to avoid scratching the slide. Then screw the half-inch hose onto the connection tube and fix it with the hose clamp. Let the water fun commence!
What kind of ground do I need for Wickey playground equipment?
You should build your Wickey playground equipment on an even surface. Grass or sand with enough space around the equipment is ideal. On solid ground, it is recommended that you lay out safety mats.
How can I fix the playground equipment to the ground?
Even if the playground equipment if stable and safe, we always recommend anchoring your playground equipment in the ground to ensure your children's safety. Your climbing frame or swing will become even more stable once you anchor it! All anchors are screwed to the climbing frame posts and — depending on which type of anchor you choose — cannot be seen from the outside. In general, we recommend that all posts leading to the ground are anchored in the ground. Ladders and climbing walls should also be fixed with two anchors each. You can find more information in the respective product descriptions. Tip: Our angle anchors are perfect for every climbing frame
Which anchors are best and are they included in my order?
You have to order anchors in addition to your playground equipment. Take a look at your product's product page. There you can find recommendations about the type and number of anchors that we recommend for your climbing frame.   Ground anchors Safety anchors Angle anchors   Square beams/slanted ladders Swing beams Round beams Tiny-/Flyer series Smart-/Prime series Loose, sand-like ground (always set in concrete) Firm, stony ground Assembly tips Easiest assemblyTwist in or set in concrete Easy assembly*Set in concrete Easy assembly*Set in concrete Stability Safe and secure (Standard) Safe and secure (Premium) Safe and secure (Premium) *Tip: mount on the inside so that the ground anchor is not visible from the outside
How do I install the anchors for the equipment?
Do I have to observe a safety distance during assembly?
Obstacles such as trees, hedges or walls are not only a nuisance when playing, they also pose a great risk of injury. To ensure safe and carefree play, we therefore recommend a safety distance of at least 2 metres around the entire playground equipment. Always use the outermost point or the outermost posts of the climbing frame or swing as reference points.
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Which wood does Wickey use?
Impregnated Wickey wood made of pine or spruce is naturally and sustainably cultivated and is known for particular outdoor durability. It provides our products with a firm footing that ensures both fun and safety.
Is it normal that there are cracks, knotholes and green stains in the wood?
Wood is a natural product and no two trees are the same. Small cracks or knotholes are therefore perfectly normal. According to DIN standard 4074, the statics of the wood are not affected by cracks under a quarter of the length or thickness of the beam. On the contrary, they actually show that the wood is still working!
Why does the wood's volume change so frequently?
In particularly moist or dry storage, it may happen that the wood expands or contracts somewhat. Not only is this harmless, it's actually good for the wood, as it helps it best withstand the weather and environmental factors.
My climbing frame has green/white patches on it. Is it mould?
If your Wickey product has small white or green stains, there's no need to worry: It can happen that salts from the wood and the impregnation gather and escape onto the surface. You can confidently ignore these patches. If they still bother you, you can simply sand down the affected areas.
What does it mean when wood is impregnated or pressure treated?
Our wood is known for providing several years of playtime fun, and to guarantee that, we have to make the wood durable. That's why we impregnate it using pressure treatment. In doing so, preservatives are pushed into the wood at high pressure. This means that the wood is then protected against insects, fungus, rot and long-term contact with soil and water.
My wood is damp, is that normal?
In general, moisture is not a cause for concern. In our experience, it can take some time for the moisture that results from the impregnation process to totally disappear from the wood. What's important is that the wood is unpacked immediately upon receipt and stored in a dry place until it is built.
Should a climbing frame be glazed and which wood glaze is the best?
You do not need to glaze or varnish our wood. Due to the weatherproof pressure impregnation it is perfectly resistant against wind and weather. Nevertheless, if you wish to apply a protective glaze, you can always treat the wood with a special permanent protective paint or glaze certified according to DIN EN 71, part 3. These varnishes are not harmful to children and the environment.
Can the wood be painted or varnished?
If you want to freshen up your climbing frame or change its appearance, you can do so using weather-resistant varnish! Just make sure that the varnish isn't harmful to your children and that it will stay on your product for as long as possible! We recommend using a long-lasting protective paint certified in accordance with DIN EN 71 part 3. These colours are assessed for compatibility with children. Tip: Sand the wood using sandpaper before painting. Not only does paint take better on a rough surface, but you'll also remove impurities on the top layer of wood at the same time.
What can I do about the green patches?
Due to the impregnation of our wood using pressure treatment and the fact that the wood is continuously working, it can happen that small patches of salt appear. You can easily sand them away or just leave them be if they don't bother you.
How do I counteract the swelling and shrinkage behaviour of the wooden play equipment?
If the wood gets damp or is stored for a long time, it can happen that its volume changes slightly. In order to avoid this, you should store it in a dry place and not for too long. After all, you don't want to keep your kids waiting for their brand new Wickey playground equipment, do you?
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Quality and Guarantee
How long is the warranty on Wickey playground equipment?
As we have complete confidence in our products, we grant you a 10-year guarantee* on all wooden parts when purchasing our own anchors at the same time. In any other case, the statutory warranty will apply. * The advertised guarantee is valid for all wooden parts if you purchase our anchors at the same time. In any other case, the statutory guarantee will apply. Further information regarding the scope of the guarantee and its enforcement can be found in our guarantee declaration.
When does the guarantee period begin?
The warranty period begins upon receipt of the goods. The legal rights of the consumer (warranty rights and right of revocation) are not limited by the warranty.
When can I not claim a warranty?
The content of the guarantee is a durability guarantee on all wooden parts of the purchased item. This guarantee only applies if at least one of our own anchors was bought in conjunction with the purchased item. If this is not the case, the customer has no further warranty claim on damaged wooden parts after the expiry of the statutory warranty. There is also no warranty case, if the customer himself or a third party causes the defect on the wooden parts through faulty assembly, or if the defect is due to damage to the wooden parts due to improper use or storage by the customer himself or third parties. Further excluded from the warranty case are damages due to vandalism by the customer himself or third parties, wood-typical properties or weather-related damages.
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Info about the Wickey categories
Can these items only be purchased online?
As we are exclusively an online business, our products can only be purchased via the internet. In our Seller Directory, you will find a list of all the sales platforms where our products can be purchased in addition to our online shop.An insider tip from us to you: check our Facebook page and social media channels regularly, because we like to surprise you with great discounts and offers!
Is there a catalogue or brochure for the playground equipment on offer?
We care deeply about the environment, and therefore don't print catalogues. In our online shop you can find everything you need to create a unique haven for your kids.
Do you have a showroom?
Currently, we are not planning a showroom. However, if you live nearby or find yourself in our vicinity, you are welcome to drop in and see us: we have erected a handful of climbing frames on our site. Of course, you can also take a look at our inspiration page and get an idea of our climbing frames there.
Is Wickey climbing equipment also suitable for public use?
To make sure that playgrounds, schools or kindergartens are well equipped, we offer playground equipment for the public sector as well. Our PRO and Hy Land climbing frames comply with the European standard EN-1176 and are suitable for public use. More playground equipment for the public area can be found here: Commercial playground equipment
Is planning permission required for some Wickey playground equipment?
Since jurisdiction can vary not only internationally but also regionally, we recommend that you inform yourself about the current guidelines at the building authority of your municipality/city.
When I no longer have any use for the playground equipment, how can I dispose of it?
Take care to ensure correct disposal after dismantling. Ask your local council where you can dispose of the waterproof wood.
Should Wickey playground equipment be serviced/checked regularly?
As with all used items, our climbing frames can also show signs of use. Therefore, we recommend that you inspect your playground equipment regularly to check the tightness of the screws and planks, as well as any accessories.More tips and information regarding maintenance can be found in the assembly instructions for your climbing frame.
How can I add to my climbing frame?
Take a look in our online shop at your leisure: the accessory parts on offer can easily be attached to every climbing frame. The individual extension modules for frames cannot currently be ordered separately.
Which additional items should I order?
Definitely an anchor to cement into the ground. These are essential, so that the climbing frame or swing is as secure as possible. The anchor we recommend for each product can be found on the individual product pages.
Which platform heights are possible, and how do I choose one?
With Wickey, you will find climbing frames and playhouses with the widest range of platform heights. The perfect frame for you depends on your requirements and desires: is your garden fairly small, and are your children only just taking their first cautious steps into the world of climbing frames and swings? In this case, a climbing frame with a 90 cm or 120 cm platform and a short slide might be the perfect choice. Large climbing frames with a platform of 150 cm or 210 cm and add-ons are perfect for older kids - and long-term play pleasure.
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How and when can I reach you?
You can reach us via contact form and via good old telephone.You can reach us from Monday to Friday, between 8 am and 3 pm, at the following number:+44 (0)330 808 0240 Please note our information on our hotline hours.
How can I pass on my feedback?
Are you happy with us, or do you have suggestions for improvement? Let us know. We would love to receive a review on TrustedShops, TrustPilot, or Google. If anything is not to your satisfaction, please get in touch with our customer services team using the contact form. Our team will work hard to find a suitable solution together with you. Are you a real fan, and want to share your experiences? Then share your photos or videos with us on Instagram using the hashtag #wickeyadventure or send them to us at [email protected] including a comment so that we can feature them on our website. We look forward to your feedback!
Where can I see other customers' feedback and photos?
Under the header Inspiration in our shop, you can take a look at our happy customers from all over Europe who have taken the time to send us snaps of their adventures. Find your inspiration!
As a blogger, is it possible to work together with Wickey?
You’re a blogger and you’re interested in working with us? That's great. Simply send an e-mail to [email protected] and tell us something about yourself and your plans for future cooperation. If you already have a media kit, please send it to us right away. This will make future cooperation run even smoother!
Where can I find information on current competitions?
The best way to see this information is by liking us on Facebook. That way, you'll always be up to date on our competitions, discounts, etc.
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